The fusion of multiple genres of music embodied in one individual, EchoSlim is a DJ / Producer who lives for creating new sounds and performing those creations live. Growing up listening to House, Reggae, R&B, Hip-Hop, Funk, and Alternative amongst many other genres, EchoSlim's main objective is to expose listeners to new forms of music while giving them something that they are already familiar with. Musical enlightenment.

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Life. Education. Friends!

With Life, Education, and Friends, all things are possible.

Comfort and stability are always welcomed in life, but sometimes we aspire for more. Knowing that you haven’t reached your full potential is a feeling that should never be ignored. These have been my thoughts for the past several years regarding my life. Finally, on Dec 15, 2014, I decided to challenge that feeling and embark on a new journey to seek out what really is my full potential. 

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